No winter lasts forever, spring is finally in the air.

However, along with brighter days, fresh flowers and outdoor activities come a period of change for your health. The change in weather that normally accompanies the change in seasons can be vaguely discontent. As you say goodbye to winter and greet the warm days of spring with open arms, consider these tips for handling the change in seasons. The weather outside can certainly significantly influence how we feel. Not by as much as most people think and not the same way in everyone. At least half of all adults claim to experience changes in their health with the changing weather, including more frequent headaches, joint pain, tiredness, and even catching more colds. This kind of warmer unsettled weather, an increase in pollen and mild spring rains can cause allergy symptoms for many people as well. People with seasonal allergies (also called hay fever or allergic rhinitis) react to pollen from plants. Symptoms may include sneezing, coughing, a runny or stuffy nose, and itching in the eyes, nose, mouth, and throat.

True health is a balance of mind, body, and spirit. In acupuncture theory, each season is linked with an organ system in the body, and spring’s system is liver. This means that the liver, as it adjusts to taking over the seasonal rains, is especially vulnerable.

There are a few signs that your liver may need some acupuncture help:

— you feel extra tense

— you have aches, aches, pains etc.)

— increased stiffness in your muscles and joints

— you feel irritable and frustrated

— digestive disturbances

— eye pain and fatigue, poor vision as well

If in the coming weeks you notice some signs of a liver imbalance, don’t get down on yourself — they’re completely normal during the seasonal transition. A little acupuncture will help realign your system so that you can enjoy the wonders of spring.

Our lifestyles are influenced by the changing seasons. But it is never too late to start changing our lives for the better. And if you consider the year to start with the first of the four seasons, you’re right on time to begin making something better of your life. Whatever you do, try to construct a healthy routine out of it. Spring may be a decent time for spiritual rebirth as well. If you want to combine this with your physical rebirth, you might try an extended form of alternative medicine. It’s important to seek help from a qualified healthcare professional. Ancient wisdom and advanced science offer us a wealth of ways to support our holistic well-being. Acupuncture is generally considered safe when performed by an experienced practitioner. Talk to your healthcare provider about the best way to manage your seasonal allergies.

Don’t be shy away from discussing the benefits of acupuncture or meditation, as well. Acupuncture is an excellent treatment option for seasonal allergies. A holistic approach includes diet, exercise, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, stress reduction, self-care, and spiritual renewal. If you do find yourself a bit “livery” then seek help from your acupuncturist.

Healing Acupuncture can help improve the overall health of your liver as well as treat stress, anger, and frustration, which are often associated with liver disharmony.

Seasonal acupuncture treatments just four times a year can serve to tonify the inner organ systems and can correct minor annoyances before they become serious problems. Call us: 646-460-6141 to see how acupuncture can help you stay healthy this spring!